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Personal Care

Personal care products

Top-of-the-Line Personal Care Products

The products you use on your skin are as important as the vitamins and supplements you put into your body. Don't use a skin product that does more harm than good for your skin. Stop by Better Life Nutrition Center today, and we will help you find the product that will be ideal for your skin type.

All-Natural Personal Care Products

  • Essential oils and accessories, including diffusers, necklaces and bottles
  • Natural body and skin care products
  • Magnetic therapy products
  • Natural hormone replacement products
  • Natural bug repellents
  • Natural sunscreens
Magnetic Therapy Products

Improve Your Health With Magnetic Therapy Products

Find all the magnetic therapy products you want in our shop and improve your health. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the product that will support the part of your body that needs a boost.

We also offer essential oils, and nutrition and wellness classes. Call for details today!
Get high-quality personal care products at our store. Visit us at
1715 15th St Pl.
Are you a military member or veteran? Better Life Nutrition Center offers military members and veterans a 10% DISCOUNT when they visit the shop. Stop by or call today to see what we have to offer!
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