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Essential Oils

Carrier Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Relax your body and heal skin conditions with aromatic essential oils. Essential oils are classified as psychoneuroimmunology because of its impact on psychological, neurological and immunological systems. 

Get a wide variety of essential oils at Better Life Nutrition Center. We provide carrier oils as well so that you can dilute your essential oil for a variety of skin issues. If you want to diffuse the oil in the air for therapeutic purpose, you will get high-quality diffusers at our store too. 

Get an empty bottle and blend your favorite essential oil in the carrier oil of your choice for application. We provide essential oil classes as well. Contact us to learn more!

Get Complete Essential Oil Kit

  • Wide array of essential oils
  • Diffusers
  • Empty bottles for storage
  • Carrier oils
  • Ask about our MONTHLY OIL SPECIALS
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